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Mailing Solutions


Franking Machines and electric Letter Openers

Convenient, easily accessible and process driven solutions for written communication create added value for our customers and support their communication.

Manufactured in Switzerland, satisfied customers all over the world: Frama supports your written communication with trend-setting technology. For instance, Frama developed the first franking machine to feature integrated rate calculation and was the first supplier to introduce touchscreen control.

Frama is also setting trends for incoming mail. Opening envelopes without waste cuttings is just one of the highlights of Frama’s letter opener. Frama’s customers value these innovations.

The company's own data center, certified according to ISO27001 based on BSI Grundschutz, is the core of the technology, functionality, and services portfolios made available to each market tailored to customer specific requirements.

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Franking Machines and Letter Openers for all mail volumes

All franking machines of the Matrix F series generation can be easily operated via touch screen and make your outgoing mail look good with high-quality printing (HQ print mode with 600 dpi). You can open your incoming mail quickly and fully automatically with the Frama letter openers without cutting waste.


Frama Frankers Mail
  • - Recommended for up to 150 letters/day
  • - 25 letters per minute
  • - 10 password protected accounts

The franking machine Matrix F22 is specifically designed to meet all your franking requirements. Unlike other brands the Matrix F22 can be used straight away with minimum training. Using the intuitive, patented touch screen with OneTouch technology the franking machines Matrix F22 will free you from operating instructions and postage tables. To make the operators life even easier Frama can automatically update the latest Royal Mail prices and products at each rate change.

The remarkable HQ print mode with 600dpi resolution provides full contrast and sharpness for either your company logo or any other advertising message. Using the integrated LAN interface the franking machine Matrix F22 connection is secure, reliable and hassle free via the Internet to FramaOnline2 platform.

The franking machine Matrix F22 has earned the ENERGY STAR. Products that earn ENERGY STAR prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines.


Frama Frankers Mail
  • - Recommended for up to 500 letters/day
  • - 95 letters per minute
  • - automatic letter feeder

Designed for medium to large letter volumes, the Matrix F62 is built to meet the requirements of a busy mailroom environment. Ease of operation, high quality printing (HQ mode) and an integrated label dispenser are some of the key features of this product. The feeder automatically adjusts for letter thickness of up to 10mm! All the rollers used for the letter transportation have been specially selected for enhanced durability adding to the high build quality.


Frama Frankers Mail
  • - Recommended for up to 1,000 letters/day
  • - 140 letters per minute
  • - automatic letter feeder

The Matrix F82 is designed with reliability in mind. The use of LongLifeRollers and high quality stainless steel in areas of feed table where high levels of stress may be experienced are just two examples of the design of Matrix F82 to make it reliable, robust and efficient. The oversized letter catcher tray and the optional conveyor/stacker (CF) provide you with non-stop, problem free franking!