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Welcome to the Modern Classroom

We are witnessing a transformation in the creation and sharing of knowledge, fueled by the impact of technology in the teaching and learning process.

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Promethean in The Bahamas

The Amoury Company has been working with Promethean and the Ministry of Education to drive a new era of education in The Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean. We've all come together to implement ClassFlow. ClassFlow is collaborative learning software for the modern classroom that simplifies the way teachers discover, create, and deliver interactive learning -- and makes it easier than ever to share classroom content with parents.

Promethean Products We Offer

Promethean Activeboard Touch


The ActivBoard Touch combines multi-touch functionality, a dry-erase surface and award-winning software to foster a truly interactive learning experience. It provides teachers with a wide range of tools to support their daily instruction while respecting tight budgets.

ClassFlow Connect

ClassFlow Connect turns every classroom into a dynamic and collaborative environment through its built-in teaching and learning tools, including wireless mirroring and team-based collaboration apps. It introduces a variety of new ways to share, communicate and collaborate by enabling teachers to divide their interactive display into individual learning spaces for students to work together.

Promethean ClassFlow Connect
Promethean ActiVote Device


ActiVote makes instant assessment of comprehension and increasing student engagement easy with its simple six button, A-to-F interface. ActiVote encourages students to engage, interact with and contribute to lessons, resulting in stimulating discussions and lively, insightful debates. With ActiVote, the entire class can respond and answers are instantly viewed, shared and discussed. Teachers can view assessment results in a wide range of intuitive formats, such as graphs, pie charts and Excel spreadsheets.

ActivBoard 500 Pro

The ActivBoard 500 Pro is an all-in-one interactive system that offers multi-touch and ActivPen functionality where up to four students can interact simultaneously.

Promethean ActivBoard 500


The ActivTable’s intuitive touch interface allows up to six students to simultaneously access a wealth of ready-to-use educational activities, tools and resources.

Promethean ActivTable

How to Buy

Promethean Products allow teachers and students to wirelessly view and share resources with the entire class from mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and notebook computers. So, are you ready to learn more about Promethean solutions for your interactive classroom? Let's get started today!

How to Buy